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Eco (Ēkō) Helicopters is headquartered on the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP) Innovation Hub (iHub) and Accelerator Campus in Palm Springs, California. Servicing Southern California from Santa Barbara to the North, San Diego to the South, Coachella Valley to the East, and Catalina Island to the West.

The Story

Eco Helicopters® Globe

Eco Helicopters

Eco Helicopters® is proudly veteran owned and operated. Built on a unique philosophy of customer service that brings the excitement of helicopter tours and charters to everyone. Their vision has blessed them with a unique blend of clientele, including top echelon of VIPs.

We are proud to offer the opportunity to own the first for sale all-electric helicopter "EcoMax" (Ēkō-Max) for Tour & Charter Operations (aka Urban Air Mobility) following Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification.

EcoMax® by Eco Helicopters®


EcoMax® all-electric helicopter. Capable of 109 miles per hour. The helicopter seats 4 people (3 passengers + 1 pilot). Boasting advanced avionics, including a state-of-the-art autopilot with features like basic stability augmentation, heading hold, altitude hold, navigation signal tracking, and approach guidance. With "Zero" in-flight carbon emissions from our fleet of electric helicopters, we think you and the earth will approve.

Guinness World Records Holder

Guinness World Record Holders

Along with being Guinness World Record holders, Dr. Martine Rothblatt, Captain Ric Webb and the Tier 1 Engineering team have been on the forefront of green aviation technology. First "out of ground electric helicopter flight", "2-person electric helicopter flight", "The longest flight by electric helicopter" and "farthest distance travelled by an electric helicopter." Eco Helicopters and its team is leading the way to an innovative, clean and sustainable future for air travel.

The Market

The U.S. urban air mobility market is projected to reach $18.8 billion in 2035, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.1% during the forecast period 2023-2035. The current 2020 domestic value of the "piloted" UAM market at approximately $800 million.

The increase in traffic congestion and rapid growth of urbanization are the significant challenges faced by some of the mobility industry in the world today, and innovative solutions in urban mobility are important for a sustainable future. There are several new mobility initiatives such as automotive transportation-as-a-service, high-speed train concepts such as hyperloop, autonomous cars, and aerial transportation.

The major driving factors are the growing need for an alternate mode of transportation in urban mobility and demand for an efficient mode of logistics and transportation services. Players operating in the U.S. urban air mobility market are developing innovative products and vehicles to enhance the capabilities of their product offerings and have been collaborating with other companies to establish a larger market presence in the industry.

Depending on the destination, travel distance, location of transportation, and duration of the journey, a passenger can select various modes of transportation. The concept of urban air mobility (UAM) was first realized in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where helicopters provided air mobility. The UAM adoption level in Brazil was higher than in Tokyo and New York City combined.

What are Helicopter Charters?

If you want to make a reservation to be picked up from one place and dropped off at another (Point A-B), then you need a helicopter charter. Helicopter charters allow passengers to reach remote locations or simply just arrive closer to their destination that a commercial aircraft allows. The required certification for passenger transport flights is a Part 135 Certification (Air Carry Certificate). These types of operations are generally surrounded by multiple regulations, government approvals, and safety requirements. This is how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ensures that all commercial flights are safe and up to industry standards. People seek helicopter charters for various reasons, including hotel pick-up or drop-off, airport transfers, corporate flights, and special event charters (like concerts or sporting events).

What are Helicopter Tours?

Helicopter tours tend to attract tourists' attention because of their ability to cover large areas in a short amount of time. Places like Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Alaska are perfect for helicopter tours because of the sightseeing opportunities. General aviation operators must follow Part 91 rules and have an LOA from the FAA in order to operate an aircraft for tours. With Part 91 helicopter operations, a pilot must take off and land in the same designated area (Point A-Point A).

How Urban Air Mobility Optimizes the Air Charter Industry

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) envisions a more efficient and more readily accessible aviation transportation system than today's current charter services. Very similar to an airborne Uber or Lyft, UAM can broadly be defined as a transport mechanism that enables on-demand, highly automated passenger, or cargo-carrying air transportation services within and around a metropolitan environment.

What does UAM need to become a reality?

For UAM to become a reality in the next few years, it will need to be composed of an ecosystem that considers the evolution and safety of the aircraft, the framework for operation, access to airspace, infrastructure development, elimination of fossil fuel burning aircraft, and deep community engagement. The initial UAM ecosystem will utilize existing helicopter infrastructure such as routes, helipads, and Air Traffic Control (ATC) services, where practicable given the aircraft characteristics. Looking toward the future, the FAA is working to identify infrastructure design needs for these aircraft. Additionally, the FAA expects to develop a new vertiport standard in the coming years. A vertiport is a collective term referring to areas designed specifically for UAM aircraft to take off and land.

U.S. Urban Air Mobility Market

The urban air mobility market is expected to create an entirely new industry. The manufacturers are continuously taking initiatives to develop various innovative infrastructural concepts, such as better tracking systems and efficient connectivity. The key development focus areas in the urban air mobility industry include improvements in battery technology and other forms of propulsion systems to offer longer ranges and endurances.

Based on the recent developments in the U.S. urban air mobility market, aircraft prototypes have already been manufactured and tested in several countries. However, the regulatory framework that governs the urban air mobility industry is yet to certify the vehicles for commercial usage. It is expected that the cargo delivery drones will be commercialized by 2023, but the wide acceptance of passenger transportation is expected to be a bit slow.

Growth/marketing strategies will help investors in understanding the revenue-generating strategies adopted by the players operating in the U.S. urban air mobility market.

U.S. Urban Air Mobility Market by Range

The 20 – 100 km range segment is expected to lead U.S. UAM market due to increased demand for faster mobility transport for short distances and increasing traffic congestion for average daily commuters nationwide.

The technological limitations such as a lack of better battery technology and higher noise pollution are currently restricting the other range segments in the industry, but the range of 20 - 100 km is balancing the factors perfectly and is delivering the most suitable product for the market.

U.S. Urban Air Mobility Market by Operation

The passenger transportation aerial vehicles are highly regulated under the guidance of government agencies such as the FAA in the U.S. Drones and other aerial vehicles used for passenger transportation must follow a stringent set of rules to get certified.

According to some industry experts, the passenger transporting vehicles will be requiring a piloted mode of operation in the early stages of commercialization to ensure passenger safety. Thus, the market is expected to be dominated by the piloted mode of operation during this initial forecast period from 2023-2035.

The Plan

Eco Helicopters intends to place EcoMax all-electric helicopters into service to create true eco-friendly Charter & Tour operations. We utilize our FAA Air Carrier Certificate, following strict rules governed by the FAA; Part 91 (Tours) and Part 135 On-Demand, Scheduled, Helicopter Air Ambulance services (Charters).

The team at Eco Helicopters is actively seeking venues to place EcoMax helicopters. Additionally, Eco Helicopters is exploring working with established FAA certified tour operators.


All-Electric Helicopter

EcoMax® by Eco Helicopters®

The EcoMax helicopter is well equipped and uniquely configured for comfort and safety.

  • Electronics - Autopilot
  • HTAWS - Helicopter Terrain Awareness & Warning System with 3-D Synthetic Vision
  • RADALT - Radar Altimeter
  • IVSI - Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Cospas - Sarsat Search And Rescue satellite system
  • ELT - Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • GPS helicopter tracking in real-time
  • Cellular / Satellite communications
  • CVR - Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • FDR - Flight Data Recorder (The BOX)
  • Interior - Climate controlled 180° unobstructed window seat view
  • All leather 5-point seat harness
  • Noise canceling communication headsets
  • Exterior - LED strobe lights
  • High visible paint scheme
  • Impact resistant windshield
  • Helicopter flotation system as needed
  • Zero (0) in-flight carbon emissions

EcoMax Urban Air Mobility

Book your next flight with Eco Helicopters!

Eco Helicopters® app example
EcoMax® - by Eco Helicopters®

EcoMax provides a complete Urban Air Mobility (U.A.M.) solution from booking to final destination. Direct booking via our app is as easy as ordering a land based ride share… just tap and go!

The EcoMax App

(Compatible with iPhone OS and Android OS)

EcoMax Advantage

In a rapidly expanding industry, expertise and timing are everything. The team behind the EcoMax all-electric helicopter is second to none. Lead by a visionary, backed by a top group of engineers and tested by the first all-electric helicopter Test Pilot to hold multiple Guinness World Records: The EcoMax all-electric helicopter is the world’s first!

Eco Helicopters has integrated helicopter and car reservation services. Smart device users can take advantage of our convenient booking of the EcoMax all-electric helicopter through the companies mobile app found on: The App Store, or Get It On Google Play. Easley reserve your EcoMax and Uber within one app.

Cost per flight hour Legacy* EcoMax**
Flight/hour 500 hours/year $24.53 $XX.XX
Motor overhaul/exchange $25.00 $XX.XX
Overhaul parts $67.95 $XX.XX
Labor $12.55 $X.XX
Fuel/Charging $91.35 $XX.XX
Oil/Lube $1.16 $X.XX
Inspections $20.07 $XX.XX
Unscheduled maintenance $12.70 $X.XX
Reserves per hour $105.50 $XX.XX
Direct cost per hour $125.28 $XX.XX
Total operation cost per hour $255.31 $XXX.XX
Cost per 1.5 road miles $1.32 $X.XX
* From**Actual figures may fluctuate. Contact us for up-to-date pricing.

EcoMax Opportunity

United Therapeutics (UTHR) is overseeing the development of an Electric Propulsion Unit (EPU) that will be submitted for a certified Supplement Type Certificate (STC) for the Robinson R-44 helicopter to be used primarily for organ delivery. OC Helicopters acquired an agreement and the EcoMax helicopter was born.

Eco Helicopters is proud to offer the opportunity to purchase the first for sale all-electric helicopter, the EcoMax. Our plan and advantage creates a historical implication for the aeronautical, transportation, and investment industries.

Our unique model offers simple entry into the all-electric rotorcraft space, allowing the new EcoMax owner to focus on their core competencies, while a team of experts handles operations.

Tax deductions, or other capex options may be available. Please consult with a tax expert, or a financial advisor on your specifics.

For your convenience, you may download the EcoMax brochure for offline viewing. PDF reader required. You may also contact us using the contact form below.

Contact Eco Helicopters or view The EcoMax Brochure


Inspiring Green Innovation

Ric Webb Guinness World Record Holder
Eco Helicopters® Guinness World Record Holder Team
MagniX Electric Helicopter Flight 2022

Holders Of Multiple Guinness World Records

Guinness World Record for "First Out Of Ground Electric Helicopter Flight" was achieved by Dr. Martine Rothblatt [wiki] & Tier 1 Engineering on September 14th, 2016. The aircraft was piloted by Captain Ric Webb [LinkedIn], flying for 5-minutes at a height of 400 feet, travelling at 80 knots.

Guinness World Record for "First 2 Person Electric Helicopter Flight" was achieved by Dr. Martine Rothblatt & Tier 1 Engineering on March 4, 2017. The aircraft was piloted by Dr. Martine Rothblatt at a record speed of 100 knots.

Guinness World Record for "The Longest Flight By An Electric Helicopter" and was achieved by Martine Rothblatt, Lung Biotechnologies, Tier 1 Engineering on December 7th, 2018. The aircraft was piloted by Captain Ric Webb.

Guinness World Record for "Farthest Distance Travelled By An Electric Helicopter", a distance of 35 miles was achieved by Dr. Martine Rothblatt & Tier 1 Engineering on December 7th, 2018. The aircraft was piloted by Captain Ric Webb.

    All-Electric Helicopter Flight Firsts

  • First Airport To Airport Electric Flight

    October 29th, 2022

  • Longest Flight & Farthest Distance

    December 7th, 2018

  • Two Person Flight

    March 4th, 2017

  • First Flight

    September 14th, 2016


Blue Skies Are Green®

At Eco Helicopters, we believe in expanding our mission to serve various aspects of society and the environment. In addition to our commitment to revolutionize the UAM market with all-electric solutions, we prioritize pilot development, organ delivery, tours, lease and sales of retrofit electric rotorcraft engines, and eVTOL real estate development.

As part of our commitment to pilot development, we provide world-class training programs that equip pilots with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate all-electric aircraft. Our training programs are designed to meet the highest safety standards and are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We recognize the importance of organ delivery and will leverage our air ambulance operations with all-electric helicopters to transport organs and medical supplies quickly and efficiently. We understand that every minute counts in such cases, and we are committed to providing reliable and proficient service that saves lives.

Our tours offer a unique and unforgettable experience, where passengers enjoy panoramic views from all-electric helicopters. We prioritize passenger safety, comfort, and ensure that our tours are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Finally, we explore eVTOL real estate development and provide a complete solution for sustainable urban transportation. We believe that electric powered rotorcraft will transform urban areas, making them more accessible and connected.

In summary, Eco Helicopters is committed to providing sustainable and innovative solutions that serve society and the environment. We continue to explore new opportunities to expand our mission and make a positive impact in the world. We like to say "Blue Skies Are Green"…

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