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Eco Helicopters is headquartered on the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP) Innovation Hub (iHub) and Accelerator Campus in Palm Springs, California. Its founder is a U.S. Military Veteran, a Rotorcraft Experimental (Electric) Test Pilot, and a Rotorcraft/Vertical Take Off and Landing - Electric (VTOL-e) Holder of Multiple Guinness World Records.

The Story

A lifetime of service and humble innovation.

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Eco Helicopters

Eco (Ēkō) Helicopters is proudly veteran owned and operated. Built on a unique philosophy of customer service which brings the excitement of helicopter tours and charters to everyone. Their vision has blessed them with a unique blend of clientele, including top echelon of VIPs.

As of September 2020, we are proud to offer the opportunity to own the first for sale all-electric helicopter "EcoMax" (Ēkō-Max) for Tour & Charter Operations following Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) full certification.

EcoMax™ by Eco Helicopters


EcoMax™ all-electric helicopter. Zero in-flight carbon emissions. Capable of 120 miles per hour. The helicopter seats 4 people (3 passengers + 1 pilot). Boasting advanced avionics, including a state-of-the-art autopilot with features like basic stability augmentation, heading hold, altitude hold, navigation signal tracking, and approach guidance.

Guinness World Records Holder

Guiness World Record Holder

Guinness World Record for first “out of ground electric helicopter flight” was achieved by Martine Rothblatt & Tier 1 Engineering on September 14th, 2016. The aircraft was piloted by Captain Ric Webb, flying for 5-minutes at a height of 400 feet, travelling at 80 knots.

Guinness World Record for first “2-person electric helicopter flight” was achieved by Martine Rothblatt & Tier 1 Engineering on March 4, 2017. The aircraft was piloted by Captain Martine Rothblatt at a record speed of 100 knots.

Guinness World Record for “farthest distance travelled by an electric helicopter” of 35 miles was achieved by Martine Rothblatt & Tier 1 Engineering on December 7th, 2018. The aircraft was piloted by Captain Ric Webb.

The Market

As Published by Global Market Insight May 2019

Aircraft Market size valued at over USD 30 billion in 2018 and is estimated to exhibit around 15% CAGR from 2019 to 2025. Rotary wing will showcase considerable demand in the more electric aircraft market revenue over the forecast timeframe. This can be credited to the rising investments by aircraft manufacturers for introducing low cost and reliable helicopters for a wide range of applications including military combat, surveillance, emergency backup, and tourism among others. The lower maintenance costs coupled with improving efficiency are some of the major factors enhancing the segment share. Moreover, the diversified range of applications including vertical take-off and landing operations, along with the capability to hover further improves the segment share over the study timeframe.

The Plan

Eco Helicopters intends to place EcoMax™ all-electric helicopters into service to create true eco-friendly Charter & Tour operations.

We utilize our FAA Air Carrier Certificate, following strict rules governed by the FAA; Part 91 (Tours) and Part 135 On-Demand, Scheduled, Helicopter Air Ambulance services (Charters).

The team at Eco Helicopters is actively seeking venues to place EcoMax™ helicopters. Additionally, Eco Helicopters is exploring working with established FAA certified tour operators.

The EcoMax

The EcoMax™ helicopter configuration is uniquely well equipped for comfort and safety.

Electronics- Autopilot, HTAWS - Helicopter Terran Awareness and Warning System with 3-D Synthetic Vision, RADALT- Radar Altimeter, IVSI- Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator, Cospas-Sarsat Search And Rescue satellite system ELT- Emergency Locator Transmitter, GPS helicopter tracking in real-time, cellular/ satellite communications, CVR- Cockpit Voice and FDR- Flight Data Recorder (The BOX).

Interior- Climate controlled 180° unobstructed window seat view, all Leather 5-Point Seat Harness, with noise canceling communication headsets.

Exterior- LED Strobe lights, with high visible paint scheme, Impact Resistant Windshield, Helicopter Flotation System as needed.

The Advantage

In a rapidly expanding industry, expertise and timing are everything. The team behind the EcoMax™ all-electric helicopter is second to none. Lead by a visionary, backed by a top group of engineers, and tested by the first all-electric helicopter Test Pilot to hold Guinness world records: The EcoMax™ all-electric helicopter is the world's first!

We have integrated helicopter and car reservation services. Smart device app users take advantage of booking the EcoMax™ all-electric helicopter through the in house built apps: on the App Store, or Get It On Google Play. Easley reserve your EcoMax™ and Uber within one app!

Cost per flight hour Legacy* EcoMax**
Flight/hour 500 hours/year $24.53 $20.00
Motor overhaul/exchange $25.00 $20.00
Overhaul parts $67.95 $67.95
Labor $12.55 $8.50
Fuel/Charging $91.35 $14.00
Oil/Lube $1.16 $0.10
Inspections $20.07 $12.00
Unscheduled maintenance $12.70 $8.50
Reserves per hour $105.50 $76.38
Direct cost per hour $125.28 $34.60
Total operation cost per hour $255.31 $130.98
Cost per 1.5 road miles $1.32 $0.70

* From
**Actual figures may fluctuate.

The Opportunity

United Therapeutics (UTHR) has contracted Tier 1 Engineering to develop an Electric Propulsion Unit (EPU) and submit for a certified Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Robinson R-44 helicopter to be used primarily for organ delivery. Tier 1 Engineering has a supply agreement with OC Helicopters for a "non-competing" application. EcoMax and Eco Helicopters was born.

Eco Helicopters is proud to offer the opportunity to purchase the first for sale all-electric helicopter, the EcoMax (Ēkō-Max). Our plan and advantage creates a historical implication for the aeronautical, transportation, and investment industries.

Our unique model offers simple entry into the all-electric rotorcraft space, allowing the new EcoMax™ owner to focus on their core competencies, while a team of experts handles operations.

Tax deductions, or other capex options may be available. Please consult with a tax expert, or a financial advisor on your specifics.

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EcoMax™ provides a complete Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solution from booking to final destination. Direct booking via our app is as easy as ordering a land based rideshare… Just tap and go.

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